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40 Reviews on “Curves and Lace Photography”

40 reviews
  • Nandini Sengupta

    Carol did a boudoir shoot with me at her lovely set at home. I was very nervous going in, but Carol made me so comfortable! By the end of it I could feel the increase in confidence in my own skin. And the photos of me are so HOT! As women we tend to focus on our imperfections. Doing a shoot like this can help you shed some of that. I will be definitely going back to Carol for more of these shoots in the years to come. Thanks Carol. Sending you a lot of love in the meantime.

  • Romaine

    Carol is amazing! So warm and friendly and such a great help on our wedding day! Carol is also super prepared for anything and everything that you may need in a last minute emergency!
    The pics of our wedding are absolutely stunning.
    Thankyou Carol for the mini boudoir shoot as part of my getting ready photos, I cannot wait to work with you again for our rock the frock session and I’ll definitely be booking a boudoir shoot… you made me feel so comfortable xxx

  • Jade Tregear

    Carol shot our wedding and will be doing our rock the frock photo shoot. I can not recommend her enough, her communication is second to none closely followed by the amazing Kylie from side by side ceremonies who
    she works with. There’s no other team of amazing women that I would have trusted to help me plan and execute our big day.

  • Michael Ambelidis

    Carol did our wedding photoshoot in April 2023 and we could not be any happier.

    all of our family lover her and her work, as well as rhe results.

    thank you for everything Carol.

  • Eirini Kritikou

    Carol is an amazing professional and kind heart person, a life saver even! she is super prepared with all her emergency kits and ready to tackle anything that may get on the way!

    we love her work and she will always be our no.1 photographer. We love Carol so much

  • Eirini Kritikou

    Carol is an amazing professional and kind heart person, a life saver even! she is super prepared with all her emergency kits and ready to tackle anything that may get on the way!

    we love her work and she will always be our no.1 photographer.

  • Natalie G

    Working with Carol is an unforgettable experience. Her ability to ensure that you walk away from the shoot feeling sexy, confident and with a bounce in your step is what keeps me going back. She is such a warm bubbly and caring person and truely believes that everyone is art. I can’t wait to work with her again in the future. Her wedding photography is also second to none, and I can’t recommend her enough for both boudoir and as a wedding photographer. you won’t regret the decision to book in with this amazing photographer.

  • Monica

    carol was absolutely amazing. she made me feel so special and beautiful. it was my first time doing anything like this and my husband loved the little surprise gift on our wedding day. if you are getting married do a boudoir shoot. and do it with carol. there is no one else.

  • Andrea Purcell

    Highly recommend if you want a relaxing experience with a photographer who knows how to capture the magical moments on your special day without stress.

  • Atreides-Model

    Carol is the epitome of what photographers should be. Polite, punctual, 110% professional, and knows how to get the best from her clients.

    Recommended for all levels, from those who have never been in front of the camera to published models, she will exceed all your expectations.

  • Karina

    Carol is such an amazing inspirational photographer. She works her magic and you will be impressed with the images you get from her. her studio makes you feel comfortable and at home. she will share all her ideas and work with you. I love working with Carol and I’m sure you will to!!!!

  • Nell McLean

    Carol is an amazing and very talented photographer. Carol is very passionate about her work. She is so lovely, makes you feel comfortable and gives 110% in every session. Highly recommended

  • Renee

    Carol is an absolutely amazing person to work with and an incredible photographer. She has a way of making you feel totally comfortable even when you are outside of your comfort zone. My husband and I will forever recommend Images With Carol

  • Megan George

    Highly recommend Carol. She was great on my wedding day and I wouldn’t hesitate to book her again for a special occasion

  • Mikaela Light

    Carol does amazing photoshoots, she makes you feel comfortable and confident. By the time you leave you leave a bit more confident then you did walking in. She’s amazing to talk with.

  • kreston mahoney

    Carol is an amazing photographer. Carol makes you feel at ease and can make you laugh and feel so confident during the session. I had the best time during my session I came out feeling powerful and fun of self love. I highly recommend Carol she takes amazing photos and I am in love with the photos taken at my photo shoot. I cannot recommend carol enough.

  • jaz.099

    Carol is such an amazing inspiration to any women and man. Carol is a very talented lady and has a gift to really bring the spark out of you and show how beautiful you are. I will be having my third shoot in a couple of weeks and cannot wait to see what in store. My most favourite was the group session we had, it was absolutely amazing and everyone had so much fun. Thank you Carol

  • Donna Johnson

    I had a boudoir group shoot with Carol. It was absolutely amazing.. Carol made everyone of us feel special and beautiful. Fantastic value for money.. I am so glad I did it. Would recommend and do recommend a boudoir shoot. Carol had lots of stuff you can wear.

  • Carmel Webster

    Carol from Images with Carol, must be the best photographer I have ever worked with. She is kind and considerate and takes the best photos of the weddings I perform. And I love working with her.

  • Shae-Lee Matthews

    Carol was amazing she helped me feel so safe and comfortable during my maternity boudoir shoot and I couldn’t have loved the photos anymore honestly the day was amazing she made me feel so beautiful and I just loved everything about the day

  • Karina Ely

    Carol is absolutely amazing. Always happy with her work. Carol is one truly amazing person and always know how to make me feel comfortable and confident. So glad to have you in my life xx

  • Jade Kelsall

    Carol is an amazing woman to work with, she makes you feel so comfortable from the get go and she even comes with wine and snacks. Every session I’ve had with carol has been full of laughs and has left me feeling like an absolute goddess.

  • Jade Fordham

    Carol is an amazing photographer that gets just wonderful images of yourself you walk into her studio and feel relaxed and comfortable and have the best day with her doing a shoot and are wowed by the end result when you see your photos

  • Natalie Gilmour-Croce

    Working with Carol is an amazing experience, she has a natural ability to put people at ease in front of the lens. She is professional and her attention to detail is simply amazing. I’m a repeat customer and will keep going back again and again, I can’t get enough of her truely beautiful heart and her positivity it is infectious. I do highly recommend that anyone looking for a photographer come see Carol, because she will make you feel like you are art!

  • Kim Vennik

    Carol is absolutely amazing, I did my first ever Boudiour session with carol, i was quite nevous, and out of my comfort zone, but she made me fee l so comfortable about my body, that when the camera started rolling, i was relaxed and content and feeling good about my body. the more posses i was doing the more i wanted to do, she is open to ideas and great support, cant wait to do another boudiour session, and hoping to include my partner in the next session, I have also booked her for my wedding next year, which i am so excited for. Thank you Carol

  • carol

    Thank you from ALL of my heart Sabrina! I still talk about your beautiful wedding and show people photos from it as an example of what emotional photography is all about. I can’t believe you took a chance and had my first ever BFF boudoir party, watching you all support and uplift each other, helping each other to realise that you are ALL incredible worthy women made my heart sing, and to hear that you got even more out of it than I did has made my whole year happy!

  • carol

    Oh Kylie, this review means the world to me! Knowing that you stepped way outside your comfort zone, placing your trust in some of my crazy ideas, then came back for more, that’s the reason I do what I do! You are an incredible woman who deserves to celebrate yourself and your journey every single day!

  • carol

    Gosh Elyssia, I don’t know how to thank you for such a lovely review. Photographing you is an incredible joy for me, and watching your journey to self love has been amazing and meaningful. I hope we can get together soon to try some of your new ideas.

  • carol

    Dear Karen, You are AMAZING, I still can’t believe how you embraced running around in the cold and the incredible ideas you came up with to make amazing images. Thank you for choosing me to capture your maternity session, I LOVED how you glowed and were such a perfect earth mama in your beautiful setting.

  • carol

    Dear Emily, I am so thrilled that you enjoyed your session. It was so much fun to watch you fall in love with yourself as we laughed and created your stunning images. I really hope we get to do it again soon!

  • carol

    Oh Kathleen, what a wonderful review! Your wedding was so personal and meaningful that it made me cry. I was so honoured to be a small part of it and to help create the memories from such a lovely day.

  • carol

    Thank you so much Jaz, I had the BEST time at your place, and the photos are some of my favourites!

  • carol

    Thank you for your lovely review, it is my absolute pleasure to be able to showcase your awesome self and help you realise that you are amazing, beautiful and that you are Art.

  • jaz.099

    Carol is definitely that lady to pick up your spark when its out. she encourages you to love your body. Our bodies are magical through the lens. I remember her telling me through the session, we are only looking down and side on at our bodies and its not until you see behind the lens you realise you are just perfect. So thank you for showing you beautiful clients how magical we are. You are art is the perfect description for every shape and size. Thanks so much Carol.

  • Kathleen Schulz-Booth

    If you want to feel like a Goddess while being treated like an Queen, you’ve found the right photographer with Carol. Her boudoir sessions are second to none, filled with joy and understanding, while her photos are elegant and sublime to behold. Carol also does amazing wedding photography, which is truly breathtaking.

  • Emily

    Carol is fantastic – she’s warm, welcoming and works to make sure you feel comfortable every step of the process. I’m non-binary/gender-queer and I had an absolute ball doing my shoot with her and the photos that came out at the end were some of the first to make me feel happy in how I looked. Would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wanted any photography done.

  • Karen

    Carol really makes you feel comfortable in front of the lens. Her approach to body image promotes self esteem and you leave your session feeling not only confident in your own skin but like you can conquer anything! I’ve had a boudoir session and a pregnancy shoot with Carol and I wouldn’t choose any other photographer! Highly recommend!

  • Elyssia Hume

    Working with Carol was an incredible experience. I am a repeat customer and I can’t wait for our next shoot! She is amazingly creative, a fantastic listener, she always achieves the exact theme im after. I love that I can bring any idea to her and she uses her wealth of experience to build on that concept until weve created absolute magic. She has always made me feel comfortable and beautiful. Her posing knowledge is second to none, she always knows how to position me to make me look awesome! She has shown me that all parts of my body is beautiful, even those it’s taken me over 30 years to accept! Thank you for all of your hard work carol, I can’t wait for our next shoot.

  • Kylie

    Images with Carol is a highly professional photography compant that creates top quality products & makes you feel so comfortable. Working with Carol was a blast and such a great boost gor my self esteem.

  • Sabrina Carroll

    Carol is absolutely amazing I have used her for my wedding and a group boudoir session with my girlfriends it was the most empowering BFF and fantastic experience ever and Carol made us all super comfortable and made us laugh the entire time! Boudoir is so energising and empowering and a must do!!

    1. Kye

      Carol is amazing. makes you feel so comfortable and you walk out of her boudoir sessions feeling like a movie star. A session is a must do for anyone. Let Carol help you rediscover your sexiness and put a bounce in your step.

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