Review Guidelines

Had an experience with one of our listed businesses? We would love you to review them.

Your review gives you the chance to share your experience and helps other consumers to decide which businesses they should use.

All reviews must be honest and genuine and written by the consumer of the business service or product. Please provide as much detail as possible.

You review is your first-hand experience. Business owners have the opportunity to respond to reviews by commenting to say thank you or if needed tell their side of the story.

All reviews and comments are monitored by our team. We will publish, reject or remove reviews and comments at our discretion. We are under no obligation to remove a review or comment when requested.

Review Rejection Guidelines

We will reject reviews and comments that

1.1 don’t appear to be authentic

1.2 do not accurately or fairly describe a client’s experience with a photographer

1.3 do not come from an active email address

1.4 contain offensive material or contain swear words, threats, harassment or bigotry

1.5 are considered defamatory

1.6 are second hand information

1.7 that contain claims of illegal activity (these cases need to be referred to appropriate authorities)

1.8 are submitted by the business owner

1.9 are written by a business owner on a competitor’s listing

2.0 publicise other people’s private information

2.1 that may be computer generated or are considered spam

2.2 are duplicate reviews by different parties of the same session

Reviews need to be unbiased and objective. You should not write reviews of your own business. You should not write reviews of you employer’s, friend’s or immediate relative’s business, nor you peer’s or competitor’s businesses. If an employer, friend or immediate relative has been a legitimate customer of your business, they are however entitled to leave you a review.

If any consumer sees a review or comment they think is inappropriate, please contact Find A Photographer Pro directly.

Reviews become the property of Find A Photographer Pro and may be reproduced for publication by Find A Photographer Pro.

Dispute Resolution Process

It is important to us that reviews on our platform are authentic and indicative of a client’s experience with a photographer – as well as a photographer’s experience with a client. Photographers are able to dispute a review left by a user of our site by filling in the following review dispute resolution form. An investigation will then take place by our administrative team. During this time, the star rating of the review will remain on the photographer’s listing but the comment will be temporarily removed until a decision has been reached.

If the team decides in favour of the photographer, the review may be removed. If the team decides in favour of the client, the review may stay. Each case is looked at individually with statements taken from both parties. If a resolution cannot be reached, the star rating of the review will remain but the comment will be removed permanently and replaced with a disclaimer from Find A Photographer Pro. Final decisions are made at the discretion of the Find A Photographer administrative team and cannot further be disputed. The reasons behind our decision are also not required to be disclosed. Each party may request that their information remains confidential during the despite resolution process.