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60 Reviews on “Amanda Maree Photography”

60 reviews
  • Karen Pfuhl

    Amanda has taken photos of all my grandchildren
    she does an awesome job

  • Charmaine

    This photographer is the most caring I have ever met. Her photos are a treasure to keep for a lifetime of beautiful memories.

  • Debi Shaw

    Amanda’s caring and calming way is perfect for her job as an infant photographer.
    I love her set options and the variety she offers. Every image she captures is beautiful.

  • Jenn

    Amanda has taken the most precious photos of my babies and so many others over the years! She is so talented and caring, and never ceases to amaze me.

  • Rebecca

    Absolutely amazed by Amanda’s photos! Captured everything perfectly in each image.

  • Nicole Ennis

    Amanda was incredible with the newborn and 2 follow up shoots at 6 and 12 months. Our girl was not cooperative to say the least, But Amanda was incredibly patient and worked her magic. The photos we got were amazing.

  • Kelly Topham

    Amanda is simply incredible. My baby was born premature and so I had not even thought to organise a newborn photographer. From the moment I made contact with Amanda she was so caring and managed to fit us in for a session when we got home from hospital. The images are some of my most precious possessions. She captured our new little family perfectly. Amanda has taken additional photos of me and my son and I get so many compliments on the images. She is such a genuinely beautiful human and her talent is unbelievable.

  • Clare

    The most caring, professional, artistic, creative and genuine photographer you will ever meet. 1000% highly recommended.

  • Bec Mitchell

    Absolutely stunning work. Amanda goes above and beyond with each client to create stunning pieces. I love the sneak peeks!

  • Loretta Moss

    Love, love, love the attention to detail that Amanda Maree Photography goes to when creating the perfect shot. She also goes above & beyond for her clients. Very proudly recommended this amazing lady. Vote 1 Amanda Maree Photography.

  • Brittany

    Amazing. Made us feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. Captured beautiful photos of our bubba and family. We will cherish the experience forever. Thank you!!

  • Nikki

    Oh Amanda, how I love your work! But I really love my session with my puppy, you thought out of the box for this session. But now I just want another baby to have a proper session with you.

  • Elle

    Amanda’s work is absolutely stunning, she is so passionate and caring, I recommend her to anyone seeking to make the most precious memories with their little ones. Her experience as a neonatal nurse provides additional comfort as I know she knows how best to soothe and comfort unhappy little ones safely.

  • Bre

    Amanda has beautifully captured all three of my sons. She has given me lasting memories of them and done so in a professional, trusting and relaxed way. Return customer x3, what more could I say?!

  • Aleece

    Couldn’t recommend Amanda enough. One of the kindest and caring souls I’ve ever met. After loosing twins prior to my rainbow, the idea of anyone being near him frightened me. But with Amanda I knew he was safe and well looked after during his photo session. Truly treats your babies like her own and makes you feel so comfortable while you wait. And the photos are incredible. You won’t be disappointed

  • Alinta Munro

    I first met Amanda while waiting for the premature arrival of our second born. We were out in touch as we may have needed her services as a Heartfelt photographer. Thankfully we never needed her for that service as our miracle son fought a great battle and survived. We then got to spend time with her while she cared for him in the NICU For close to 20 weeks. She is so kind, caring and professional! We have spent years watching the sessions with other families and they are simply stunning. If we get back up to Brisbane we would love to have family photos with her.

  • Rachael

    Amanda is beyond AMAZING, everything you’d ever hope for in a newborn photographer! Her sessions are second to none, tailored with care and attention to every small detail. Gorgeous colours, complimentary settings and a gentle touch – Amanda knows exactly how to work delicately and swiftly with newborns. The result is beautiful memories captured to last a lifetime, and every photo is a keeper. Needless to say, Amanda will be our ‘go to’ family photographer for years to come. I highly recommend Amanda’s professional and quality service!

  • Jessica Bridgeman

    Amanda has photographed my 3 children, each session has been different, beautifully sentimental and just perfect memories to cherish forever! Not only is she professional but you know your babies are in the safest hands with her NICU experience behind her 😍

  • Emma

    Amanda took the most exquisite baby photos of my daughter, so beautiful! I just wish she had been taking photos back in 2010 when my son was born because his baby photos just don’t compare! I highly recommend Amanda for the best baby photos in SEQ.

  • Cass Sosimenko

    I met Amanda whilst my daughter was in the nicu. She is a very kind and thoughtful lady! I havent had a session with her yet but will soon , i love her work, it looks so natural!!

  • Naomi Barrett

    Amanda is such a thoughtful & kind person & a talented photographer. We did a newborn shoot with her & it was the first time we relaxed since leaving the hospital. We were SO happy with the photos & will cherish them forever.

  • Nikki Wood

    Amanda has photographed 4 of my grandchildren , all of the photos are just absolutely beautiful , such wonderful memories

  • Sarah Webb

    Still love every single photo Amanda did for us when Eli was 2 weeks old. She was kind, supportive of our situation and happy to sit and chat with some parenting advice- so easy to talk to and trust as she is also a nurse. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone ❤️

  • Rachel Richter

    Hands down – the BEST Newborn Photographer there is – I wouldn’t trust my baby with anyone else

  • Donna Poulton

    Amanda Maree is a beautiful dedicated photographer. She offers amazing experiences and everlasting memories of you prescious loved ones.

  • Kirsty

    Still amazing in all that she does ! Wonderful memories created by this lady

  • Kerry Hughes

    I just love Amanda’s photography work of new borns.. Each time they appear on my Facebook feed I am enthralled. So delicate and beautiful she capture the essence and wander of new life.

  • Laura

    Amanda photographed my triplet boys, I found it comforting knowing she was also a NICU nurse so I knew my boys were in safe hands as they were premature. The images she captured were amazing and will be treasured forever.

  • Charlotte McMahon

    Amanda is the best newborn photographer you will find. Her kind, gentle personality paired with a very personal and relaxed approach makes for the most perfect session and captures of your baby/babies/family. Amanda has photographed both of my children and both times she ensured that parents as well as bubs were happy and settled. Her studio is very well equipped and catered to newborns ensuring calm and comfort. Amanda has been a part of our journey and has captured our family in the most magical way, I could not recommend her enough. The photographs and memories she has created are priceless and will be treasured forever.

  • Emily Greenwood

    Amanda is a one of a kind photographer. She is truly talented at capturing perfect images of your little one in the most adorable poses. Her props and studio have everything you could dream of and she is so accomodating to parents while their little ones are being photographed. We cherish all our photos from our shoot with Amanda and are so happy with them.

  • Lynette Gilpin

    I was completely blown away with the amazing pictures and quality of care we had with our photoshoot. Amanda goes above and beyond to make these memories last a lifetime

  • Alex Pamplin

    Stunning pictures of our baby girl, Amanda’s whole process is amazing and she really looks after her clients I would definitely recommend her to any new parents

  • Tanya

    This beautiful lady treasures all her clients with the most warmest regards she takes great pride in what she does and goes above and beyond your expectations and the recipients of her work are left speechless and quiet often tears (happy ones of course)❤️

  • Jayde

    We made a last minute booking with Amanda and she absolutely went above and beyond to capture our new girls. She made us feel relaxed and welcome in her home studio – even had a playroom to keep our eldest amused whilst the babies were being photographed. We are completely delighted with our previews – they truely are works of art and we have had many requests for copies. We can’t wait to see the entire gallery. Amanda weaves pure magic with the babies and the results are beyond anything I could have imagined. The photographs will become treasured memories that adorn the walls of our home long after the babies have grown. I’m so grateful she was able to fit us in with such short notice and would recommend her in a heartbeat.

  • Tanya

    Amanda is the most amazing photographer she personalises all her work for each of her clients going above and beyond in all of her shots to make sure everyone is comfortable chilled and relaxed making each session run smoothly allowing all hiccups to happen so that everyone is super settled to get those perfect memories to keep for life her work is just an added credit to express the beautiful soul that she is ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amelia Acland

    Amanda was AMAZING. Both bub and I were made to feel very welcome and comfortable in the studio. Amanda ensures the room is warm and bub is happy, as she works her magic to create memories that will last a lifetime. Bub is totally the boss, and Amanda follows their cues. The results are gorgeous pictures of your most precious gift. You can’t go wrong with Amanda.

  • Nikky Denning

    Amanda is a one of a kind photographer who has an amazing talent to calm and pose our precious bubs even those who are a little irritable and want to stay awake the whole session she makes it look and feel so seemless. Amanda is in touch from the moment you have booked in to find out any information that can be used within her sessions e.g family keepsakes, photos of loved ones passed, rainbow baby, special gift etc she thinks of everything. I honestly cannot recommend her enough to anyone searching for that special photographer to capture their newborns first moments in life.

  • Danielle

    Amanda did a wonderful job for our newborn photography shoot. We could not have been happier with the pictures we were given, the care and attention to the delivery of those pictures and giving us an amazing experience all captured in the photos we have to treasure. Thank you again and again Amanda!

  • Clare

    Amanda went above and beyond for both my babies newborn shoots. These images are so much more than just photos…they are genuine works of art! Memories to last forever that are personally meaningful to myself and my whole family. Amanda looked after my babies like they were her own and she made us feel so comfortable. I will be forever grateful for the memories Amanda has created for us.

  • Nikki

    Only 5 stars? This wonderful Human needs at least 6!!!! I never had newborn photos taken back when I had my kids it was pickie photos at Kmart! However I have a disabled son and he got a service dog. My sons psychologist recommended getting some photos of things he loves to put in his room well Amanda photographed my little bundle of energy. Amanda was kind patient caring and loving towards us and our bundle of energy! She really is worth every penny!

  • Sarah Webb

    Absolutely loved the photos we received from Amanda. She was kind and understanding of our little rainbow miracle. You can tell she loves what she does and is amazing at it. Thankyou so much Amanda 😊

  • M. Adams

    My most favourite photos of my kids were taken by Amanda. Such special memories we will have always! We are forever grateful for her amazing work! Thank you! 💜

  • Paul Sichter

    Amanda is such a great photographer, the quality of her photos are amazing and the way she handles the bubs is a class above.

  • Tracey

    Amanda does the most fantastic work with newborns and we just loved how our bubs photos came out.

  • Elle

    Absolutely amazing work! Amanda is passionate, caring and gentle, she is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Her images are just stunning, I always recommend.

  • Esther Ballantyne

    Amanda takes the most beautiful photos, with the most love and devotion a photographer can have. My most favourite ever photos of my babes were done by Amanda, and over a decade later, they are still on my wall. Thank you Amanda for capturing such precious moments so very beautifully.

  • Kathryn Bures

    Amanda recently took the most amazing images of my son after he was released from hospital (he was born prematurely). Not only did she look after him during his stay at the Nicu, she looked after him during his shoot and I had every confidence in her to do so with his needs. Amanda is a very talented photographer and has captured the most breathtaking images, not only of my child, but of so many. Could not recommend her more.

  • Dhani

    It’s hard to put into words my appreciation for the most beautiful photos Amanda took of my twins. She is absolutely amazing so sensitive and caring. Amanda puts her whole heart and soul into capturing the most perfect memories, I can’t thank you enough.

  • Rachel

    Amanda has an amazing talent for not only soothing and handling babies, but for capturing them in such beautiful settings. I’d trust no one else to take my baby photos and we treasure ours ❤

  • Debi Shaw

    Amazing photos by a beautiful lady. The range of photos and uniqueness of them makes Amanda a fabulous photographer. Highly recommend

  • Debi Shaw

  • Tarleigh Lawler

    The most beautiful photographer captured the most beautiful images of our little people and I couldn’t ask for any more. Amanda gave us the most amazing experience and her photos are one of my most treasure possessions ❤

  • Debi Shaw

    Amanda is such a beautiful person who takes such care of her clients with the most amazing results.

  • lisambarnes16

    We had newborn photos done with Amanda for both of your babies. She worked her magic to keep them asleep and content throughout the whole shoot (I have no idea how she does this, I need to learn her secrets!). She was absolutely amazing at working with my 17 month old son when his sister was born and we have the most beautiful photos of them together. We will forever cherish the beautiful photos we have from Amanda! I would highly recommend her for any of your newborn photos!

  • jkmurphy84

    We had both our newborns photographed by Amanda. The photos are so precious to us and she captured their beautiful little individual traits perfectly. The experience was relaxing – Amanda is truly a baby whisperer and I got more rest in those few hours than I did in the first few months of my babies lives 😆

  • sandybelister

    Amanda somehow managed to keep our usually irritable newborn totally calm and quiet for the entire session despite being due a feed. She captured our son exactly the way we had hoped and got a particularly special photo that captured our difficult journey to getting him that is so very special and we will treasure forever. Everything a parent could hope for in a photographer…gentle, patient, thoughtful, professional and trustworthy.

  • kirstyjwoods

    Amanda is an amazing photographer her skills in getting the right photo Are incredible, She’s photographed my baby girl keeping her calm and comfortable the whole time Working with her to get some really beautiful shots The pictures that Amanda has taken will last a lifetime creating beautiful memories. Amanda is a True professional but also a caring and loving mother so she understands what us as parents go through to get there on the day. I would 100% recommend Amanda for your newborn memories❤️

  • tmt_086

    Amanda has photographed both of my children and she is miracle worker! My babies have not been great sleepers but somehow she worked her newborn magic to not only settle them but also take the most beautiful images. She has captured their personalities perfectly and I will treasure them forever. Thank you Amanda!

  • jess.edge

    Amanda did the most beautiful newborn photos for both of my girls. The environment is relaxed when waiting while the shoot takes place and I had the utmost trust in Amanda with my newborn babes. She took my style/colour theme ideas and then created amazing setups for the photos that look so sweet and also match my house decor. Amanda has the magic touch with both babies and photography!

  • morbid_fairy

    Absolutely loved the photo’s Amanda captured of my daughter… It was such a relaxed environment… My daughter had hip dysplasia and Amanda was able to accommodate that with ease… I have recommended Amanda all the time… Thanks again…

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