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4 Reviews on “Tory D Photography - Mentoring and Workshops”

4 reviews
  • Gabbie

    I attended 1:1 mentoring with Tory, and was really impressed. Tory is thorough, patient, and was happy to customise my mentoring to cover specific things l was having trouble with. He helped improve my posing workflow, and made sure l was getting the right angles when shooting, constantly checking the back of my camera and making small changes. We talked about suitable props, and Tory was happy to offer advice and share names of vendors, as well as going through pricing and business strategies and how to work and shoot smarter. I’ve come away feeling so much more confident, inspired and with a clear direction that l want to follow. Without a doubt it was worth every cent!

  • sherrie76

    I did a workshop and in terms of learning, workflow, lighting, positioning baby, props, safety, beanbag and camera settings it was money well spent. I now walk away with tools that will help me immensely & help me go forward. Tory was so down to earth and made me feel extremely comfortable. Would highly recommend this workshop.

  • mayra_ruballo

    Tory’s workshop was amazing and I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to attend. Tory is absolutely brilliant at what he does and I am super greatful to him for sharing his knowledge and expertise. I walked out of the workshop feeling confident and am excited to put everything I learned in to practice. I highly recommend attending one of his workshops.

  • vicki

    I had the opportunity to do a newborn workshop with Tory and may I say that I have walked away with learning so much from him. Tory is amazing at doing what he does, and took his time to answer all of my questions also demonstrating safe ways to pose the baby. Tory covered all aspects of Newborn Photography including Working with natural light, Camera settings, Workflow and equipment, Styling for the newborn session, Posing and safety, Beanbag and Props, Wrapping techniques and Editing! It was a very full day of learning! I thank Tory so much for sharing his knowledge with me, I will be forever grateful!

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