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31 Reviews on “Find A Photographer Pro”

31 reviews
  • Ashlee Cobcroft

    I love this platform and business so much! It has done wonders for my business and is so easy to use. Great features (I especially love the review share generator) and tools for the photographer!

  • Little Bug Photography

    Love Find A Photographer it is the perfect way to connect client and Photographer. Thank you for helping me expand my business.

  • Sugar Images

    Find a Photographer are an amazing platform for photographers and clients. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Tanha Basile

    Thank you for running the best business awards competition ever! We recognise all the hard work and effort you ladies put in to make it what it is! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Stephanie

    Honestly there is no words for how amazing Find a Photographer and the lovely humans who run it are! They go above and beyond every single year with an epic site ready to help clients from all around find their perfect photography match. It has let me connect with so many new photographers in my area and is truly such a valuable resource for all photographers and photographic vendors!!

  • Nicole Peters Photography

    I just wanted to thank Find a Photographer for this platform and their competitions that they run. I have had a free site for ages but only recently signed up for a full paid version. While I am not sure much work I get from people by checking out my business on here. There was something that really stood out to me. The paid version gave me access to be entered into competitions. This was a highlight image from my profile for people to leave reviews. I just received my reviews in an email that people had left for me during this competition. I actually cried.

    As photographers, we put our hearts and souls into our photographs and our work. We are passionate about what we do. But in a time where there is so much shared on social media, it is hard to not doubt ourselves, our work, and what we create and can feel like imposters a lot of the time. Reading what people had to say was a beautiful reminder that when we doubt ourselves as artists, there is always people out there who admire you, and your work and are inspired by your passion and creativity.

    So while this page may or may not bring me more work. They have provided me with the kindest words that I will cherish forever.

    Thank You

  • Tess

    Such an amazing platform for both photographers to advertise and for clients to browse. I love the support Find a Photographer offers by boosting and sharing photographers work ❤️

  • Charisse Lewis

    Absolutely love this site! It’s helped grow my business and also give me feedback from my clients and the encouragement to succeed in this field xx

  • Natalie Grounds

    A great platform for all Australian photographers. Bringing the photography community together and also a great resource for both photographers and those searching for photographers.

  • Sarah Thompson

    Thanks to Find A Photographer for this amazing platform that helps connect the public with talented photographers all over Australia. Find A Photographer are a huge help to the public when looking for the perfect photographer to suit their needs. They are also a wonderful support to photographers too, by boosting exposure and marketing via blog posts, social media, competitions and reviews.

  • Adeine Wallace

    A devoted team at “Find A Photographer Australia”! The support they give through advertising all the photogs in business is overwhelming. Joining as a membership you get awards events, help and tips in the community with events, master teaching education, highlight awards, vendor awards and competitions are all to promote our photog businesses!! Give us a pat on the back again and again for being an individual member to a great community! This is tremendous generosity from day one you sign up for an annual membership. Kate and the back bone team are very efficient, and hard working. They organise promotional events through out the year, giving us members marketing to advertise on our own social media platforms. Just like pre done ads ready to paste on our own websites/socials and perfectly sized to fit social specs. Logos to place on own websites to boost our on biz achievements or adaptable to our preferences for our individual branding. Never have I joined as a member of an Australian photographers community, pushing advertsing marketing to helping promote photogs business grow so well. The depth, consistency, and quality is well worth every cent and then more!!!! I have personally won a prize myself. It was a 16×20″inch, wood circle block from a vendor member supplier inside. A photography supplier business, as one of my own favourite vendors that I use, listed as entry inside a competition in the community. Of course I voted for them, they have top notch products and service!!! Blown away still and that vendor, they so deserved it, only last year in 2022! Glad I had the opportunity to help in this amazing community. Great community spirit and so glad I did this for my photography business!

  • Kristal

    Find A Photographer has been amazing, connecting my business with many clients. I will definitely be a member for life.

  • Sharon Jones

    I would like to say a big thank you to Kate and team at the Find a Photographer Platform. The advice and business tips that are shared with us photographer’s is invaluable. This forum helps clients find the right photographers in your home state that is the right fit for Potential Clients. Thank you Kate for all your hard work.

  • Kristy

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the “Find a Photographer” team, for continually helping photographers to improve their business, to grow, to learn – the support is just incredible and I am so appreciative. Love the latest lead initiative and appreciate all the hard work to make it a possibility. x

  • Chantelle Perrin Photography

    The Find a Photographer platform has been an amazing tool for my business. It helps potential clients connect with my business by reading reviews they can trust. It is also wonderful community and place to learn. Thanks to Kate and the Find A Photographer team for being so awesome.

  • Lucy

    Find a Photographer is a fabulous platform helping Photographers reach clients. Thank you for building this amazing community, providing a wealth of resources and helping to get our work in front of potential clients. Not only is my work showcased but I’m also able to access a wide knowledge base of so many things to help with my business!

  • Lauren McGill

    Thanks Find a Photographer for a trust worthy place to advertise. Love the back end support and little extras also. Keep up the great work!

  • Kare Johnston

    A huge thank you to Find a photographer for providing an amazing platform to show case some really amazing photographers around Australia. It really is a very supportive environment that definitely is about community over competition! We appreciate all that you do for us!

  • Sarah Gage

    Thank you Kate and Team for all your hard work with the Find A Photographer site and awards. It really is a great resource for photographers and clients. Asking clients for reviews can be, well, a bit awkward, but directing them to this site makes it all that much easier. And what a reward it is for us reading all the beautiful comments! Great for us for marketing as well. Great value and always someone available to help with any silly questions we may have. You guys rock!

  • Kristy Jauncey

    A huge thank you to the team that make “Find a Photographer” such a wonderful resource. Not only is the platform a fantastic place for people to seek for a photographer to suit their needs, but also a great resource for photographers too. It is such a great tool to help photographers grow! I personally am so very grateful to Kate and her team for dedicating all their time to make this such a wonderful resource for us to enjoy. Thanking you! x

  • Jina

    Find a photographer is an amazing platform that connects the public to professional photographers in Australia. Thank you Kate for creating such a trusted space for photographers and clients alike.

  • Sam

    With real, genuine and friendly people who understand the photography industry, creating and running this platform, it’s easy to give find a photographer 5 stars. From the great advice posts, to a supportive platform to help grow our individual businesses, to the client monthly giveaways, there isn’t anything else out there like it. Thanks so much for helping my business! I’m so grateful for the exposure I have had through Find a Photographer.

  • carol shearman

    Where to start when it comes to how fantastic this concept is! Firstly, THANK YOU for building an AUSTRALIAN-based service, helping connect people who need a photographer without having to wade through pages of listings that aren’t relevant. Secondly, THANK YOU for connecting Australian Professional photographers with AUSTRALIAN vendors, it’s so important to support each other locally, but not easy to find good vendors to deal with. You’ve cut through the crap and found the cream of the crop in Pro Vendors, and that’s helped my business beyond measure Finally, and probably most importantly, THANK YOU for supporting Australian professional photographers and giving us so many tools to help us grow and thrive. The constant improvements and expansion of support and the breadth of ideas to help all types of photographers is incredible, and I truly appreciate all the hard work you have put in.

  • Sharon Jones

    Thank you so much to the Find a Photographer Team. What a great platform for bringing Photographers to the people of Australia. It is so nice to know that help is only an email or phone call away and that Kate and her team are there for us photographers as we need her. It is so great that Find a Photographer helps expose our names and genres to those that are looking for photographers to suit their needs. Thanks again Kate and Team. Love Sharon Jones.

  • Bonita

    Thank you for creating this platform, I love this site! It’s helped me grow my business and allows my past clients to leave honest feedback that helps encourage potential clients wanting to book in a session. Thanks again ☺️

  • Stephanie Haddad - Hush Little Baby Photography

    An amazing platform for people searching for photographers within Australia and finding the right fit based on images, links to their socials and genuine reviews from past clients. It’s also a beautiful community of photographers passionate about what they do.

  • Simone Lennie

    This is such a wonderful platform – not just for our clients but for photographers too. The resources, tools and the community they provide is just amazing. They have created a world where photographers can connect & support each other. This platform is an integral part of my business and I can’t imagine not having them in my toolbox. Thank you Find A Photographer team for all your hard work!

  • Trudi Bartley

    What a wonderful platform! Find a photographer brings so much to the photographer community and is such a great directory helping all those looking for their perfect photographer to capture their memories. The support and dedication is impeccable!!!

  • Ann-Maree Whish

    Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do helping Australian photographers by promoting and supporting us. You believe in us and the photography industry. I really love the Australian Photography Business Awards and the other competitions you run during the year. They give me focus and something to strive for. The work you put into all of this is definitely something we can appreciate. What I love the most is how you help clients find their perfect photographer. Without our clients we wouldn’t have our businesses. So thank you 🙂

  • Nik Sprekos

    The service that Find a Photographer gives to the photography community is just outstanding. They provide resources, reviews, a community to photographers throughout Australia. Find a photography also assists my business with providing me opportunities to win competitions, help me continue build my online presence and continues to build me SEO as well. Having a platform that future clients can review lots of photographers in there area is everything. And even better Google loves Find a Photographer so all my reviews are listed on Google too. Can’t get any better than that. Thank you for everything you have done for my business

  • Love and Dream Photography

    Yes finally we can have the opportunity to leave you a review! So here it is! I looooove your page and the work you all putting in. It’s so easy for me to send out your link for my review with every gallery I deliver and I then become this beautiful review template what I can use to share with all my hopefully future clients on social. It’s great to have you guys and I’m so happy I found you when I did 🥰 THANK YOU

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