When a photographer looks down the lens of their camera, what do they see?

The light. The colours. The subjects. Of course.

But we all know that there is much more to the art of professional photography than just what the eye can see.


Photographers are storytellers.


They capture moments in time that mean more to the people in them than we can ever fully understand.

When we look at a professionally captured image, we see the beauty and create a narrative in our own minds of what the story might be. We never truly know but the image can often tell us without a single word needing to be spoken.

Perth based professional portrait photographer Bianca Woolhouse has gone one step further in her new series, Newborn Love Stories.


The project was born from a simple, yet profound idea.


“What if I could capture the heartfelt words of expecting mothers before their child arrives on Earth, paired with a stunning image that embodies the purest essence of love?”

We all look at newborn or baby photography and our hearts fill with of all of those sweet, maternal feelings. We can only imagine what that photograph means to someone, but we can never fully know. What we love about this series from Bianca Woolhouse Photography is that she has taken the time to answer those questions for us – by interviewing the parents of each of her newborn clients to find out exactly what their heart says when they look at their images.

It is a lovely, unique and uplifting idea and we are so excited today to share more about this project brought to you by the talented Perth based newborn photographer, Bianca Woolhouse Photography.


Here are Bianca’s words about her photography series.


This collection is aptly named “Newborn Love Stories” because it unfolds a powerful narrative—the story of a deep and unconditional love shared between parents and their unborn child, a love that transcends words and is beautifully expressed through imagery.

For three months, I had the privilege of capturing, embracing, and sharing tears with these parents. You see, not everyone walks the same path, and I understand this intimately from my own journey through fertility battles. Yet, in each and every photoshoot, there was an undeniable and profound love that shone through. It’s this unwavering love that I yearned to immortalize through my lens.

Presenting to you the photos alongside the heartfelt words they wrote.

Bianca Woolhouse


Newborn Love Stories

We hope you enjoy looking through this beautiful photography series and reading the words of each family involved. Thank you for sharing this with us Bianca!

It helps to capture a tiny moment in time that you just can’t get back. They will be looked after and be part of our child’s history. They will be used to remember when they were small and vulnerable.

Katrina & Chris

This is such an incredible thing we are doing bringing life into this beautiful world. I want to cherish and enjoy every moment.

Stephanie & Chatfield

I’m not one to take a lot of photos. But that’s why I need to make an effort to record this in a beautiful way. I know I won’t get the photos myself! And I really want to have special images to represent this amazing pivotal time in our family’s life.


I’m a very strong independent woman and I can’t wait to raise her the same way so she can shoot for the stars from day 1.


Just how loved and wanted they are.


That I am beyond grateful that they have chosen us as their parents and thankful for them treating me so beautifully this whole pregnancy.  Your bond and connection with your baby is out of this world. Trust your motherly intuition and talk to your baby all day everyday from the day you find out.


I’d like our bub to know that I love him and will always be there to support him. I’d like him to know that there’s more to me than what people see on first glance and so it’s important to never judge a book by its cover, and that I am looking forward to us getting to know each other. I’d like him to know that he is a product of all of the love and people before him and that he comes from beautiful families and cultures.


I’d love to document this crazy scary new journey in a beautiful way- so I never forget!

Gemma & Scott

Never be afraid to ask for help, asking for help isn’t failing but the opposite. Its doing all you can to make sure you do your best for your baby or babies.


I am very hard working, I am very loyal and I would do anything for my family and friends. My love language is acts of service.


Everyone’s journey is different, what you’re feeling and experiencing is unique to you and deserves to be respected and supported by those not walking in your shoes. That I filled my life full of opportunities and adventure and I can’t wait to teach her to do the same.


They are only so little for such a short amount of time. All of our family are still in South Africa and photos and videos is how we connect with them. I would love to share these photos with them.


Everything has a season and nothing lasts forever! So if your having a bad day, tomorrow is a new one and if you are having an amazing day take it all in!


That mum & dad have worked extremely hard to provide an amazing upcoming life. The love we have for him already is incredible as he is our rainbow baby.




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Bianca is a Perth newborn, baby, maternity and family photographer who specialises in natural portraiture.