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Our #1 goal here at Find A Photographer is to put your business in front of more potential clients. A membership and listing with us takes care of that in many ways … but perhaps you’re looking for something more?

We all know that the gold standard of photo biz marketing is to have your business ranking on GOOGLE.

And we also know how much work it takes to get there on your own.

Google loves our site because thousands of visitors land here every week.

Photographers love to advertise with us because most of those people are prospective clients.

So how else can you get your photography in front of them?

Option 1 – Best Of Blogs

USD$300 for 6 months

view availability / book now

Have your listing appear at the very top of the Best of Blog for your location and preferred genre.

6 Month Advertising Periods (Jan-Jun & July-Dec)

Click Through Rates % & Impressions Data available in your pro dashboard.

Option 2 – Main Page

USD$100 for 3 months

view availability / book now

Have your listing appear on your country’s home page.

3 Month Seasonal Advertising Periods (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring)

Click Through Rates % & Impressions Data available in your pro dashboard.

If you’re ready, you can activate an ad in your preferred location right now! If we have any spots available …

Watch this 2 minute how-to video

or go to the ADS tab in your pro account

We are always adding new advertising spaces to our site so check back regularly. To view all of the current active BEST OF articles with Spotlight advertising spaces, click here.

If your preferred ad zone is booked up right now, join the waitlist below and we’ll drop you an email when it’s available next. Ad spaces will be filled on a first-click basis.

We'll email you when Spotlight Ad spaces become available.

Need to know more about advertising with us? Here’s some FAQs.

What kind of people visit Find A Photographer Pro?

Exactly the right kind of people!

Photographers (of course) : Listing their business, adding images, accessing our education, training, events and resources.

Industry Suppliers : Sharing their goods & services with you.

Your Past Clients : Dropping by to leave their favourite photographer a review.

But most of alll …


How many people visit this site per year?

Every year our site traffic is growing and in 2022 we had 109,000 visitors. When 2023 ends we’ll let you know how we went!

I want to know more about CTR and Impressions Data

The CTR (or click through rate) of an ad is the most important metric you need to be looking at! It means exactly what it says – what rate of people who are viewing the ad are actually clicking on it.

The CTR % is calculated by working out what percentage of consumers who looked at your ad (impressions) then clicked on it. Obviously if someone has clicked on your listing ad, they want to know more about you! They’re seeing your images, following links to your website and more.

Impressions are important too – of course. People need to be seeing your ad in order for them to then click on it!

Just remember that not every person needs to click on an ad for it to mean that they’ve engaged with it in some way. Think about how often you flick past an ad on social media but still remember it later or screenshot it. Not everyone clicks but we love it when they do!

What's a good CTR (click through rate) for an ad?

That’s not an easy one to answer. It depends on a number of variables but we can give you a general idea:

For most online advertising (Google Ads, Meta, Facebook etc) a good CTR could be anywhere between 0.5% – 7%. Our click through rates are often much higher than that!

You know what else matters? WHO’S CLICKING! The great thing about our site is that we take care of finding the right audience for you. It’s only people who care about photography that land on our site!

What about conversion rates?

A conversion rate would be what % of people who click on your ad actually BOOK with you.

That bit is up to you guys. We just send the traffic your way – it’s your job to nurture potential clients and guide them through the booking process. We have some handy videos in The Training Space to help you with that!

Is it better to advertise here or on Google, Facebook & Instagram?

They all have different purposes – and we suggest you try them all at some point in time.

The short answer to this question is that we love using Facebook and Instagram / Meta ads to promote particular events, specials or competitions.

Google Ads are handy for bringing in new enquiries but good luck affording the cost per click price for your area and genre. It’s super expensive these days!

We’ve designed our ads to be affordable over the long term. Something you can add to your marketing mix to help boost your website SEO and bring you more enquiries now and in the long term.

What does it cost to advertise on Find A Photographer Pro?

Advertising prices can change regularly depending on your location, genre, popularity or CTR and impressions data. The best way to see what’s on offer is to check the ADS tab on your pro account page.

I didn't get any bookings from my ads.

🙃 Are you sure? We’re not a booking service remember – we’re a lead generator and marketing site! Our #1 job is to show your work to prospective customers and push them in your direction.

That often means pointing them to your website, social media accounts or to contact you via email. The conversion part is up to you remember!

Just keep in mind that people looking to hire a photographer are in many different stages of the booking process. Someone who clicks on your listing now might be a client tomorrow or next year. They’re all important!